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Hello lovelies, its been a while, i know. But this blog will no longer be weekly things, I'm sorry but i started university and i haven't even had a chance to plan out my weeks let alone create stickers for them. Today, being Friday, i don't have classes and had a chance to plan the next few months (i have only been using the monthly view lately). It felt nice getting back into planning i had missed it, i havent even been watching plan with me's on youtube which is shocking for me. But i think im falling back in love with planning again, i did fall out of it for a bit as i started uni. 
I had created these stickers ages ago, when i was still stuck into the planning thing, and for who is on my facebook group has already seen these and downloaded them, but i finally came around to actually using them today and i realized how actually useful they are and even just for monthly planning they are great. So i wanted to get back in to the swing of things and give you guys these amazing Functional Stickers in all sorts of colours. I am constantly using the labels, the appointment labels (with some personal school icons on top) and some study stickers by Monica's Marvels to plan my monthly schedule for School.

This bundle of stickers has everything from weekend banners to half to boxes in a specific multicolour palette through out the different sheets. Here is a video of showing everything in this big bundle

Hope you enjoy this freebie and i hope you stick with me on this up and down journey through life and planning :)

All icons and designs are from the following sites or if not created by 

me: Freepik  flaticon

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    1. Here is the direct link, sorry for the inconvenience

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  5. Thank you! this is very nice of you!

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